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We are an investment and advisory group focused on digital assets. We help funds, companies, and other owners and managers of assets to conduct Security Token Offerings and tokenize their assets.

Security Token Offerings and Tokenizing Assets

Our Process

For each engagement, we advise issuers on every step of the tokenization and Security Token Offering process, including:

Decide whether to issue a security token

For each issuer, we come up with a tailored plan that

  • accomplishes the issuer's business goals
  • in a cost-efficient and compliant manner
  • and in a way that is technologically feasible.
Assemble the right team

We use only those service providers we have worked with and trust, including:

  • Token design and tech provider
  • U.S. legal counsel (project counsel and issuer’s counsel) and select global counsel (particularly Asian and European law firms)
  • Compliance provider
  • Security token exchange / listing platform
Structure and conduct the offering

We advise issuers on:

  • Structuring the transaction, including linking the token to the underlying asset or cash flow
  • Designing the token and selecting a blockchain and a token standard for the token
  • Working with a compliance provider
  • Onboarding the token at a security token exchange or listing platform

Our Experience

Issuers work with us because

  1. We are experienced security token advisors and have worked with a variety of issuers of security tokens in the U.S. and abroad
  2. Our background is in law, finance, technology, and fintech
  3. We bring a deep understanding of the blockchain industry through our track record of investing in crypto and blockchain projects


Below are a few of the projects we have advised or backed prior to their launch

Advisory / Early Round

We have also backed

Speaking Engagements

Building Block Group organized the 2018 Blockchain and Digital Assets Summit in New York City, which brought together government regulators from the SEC, CFTC, and FINRA, with leaders in the cryptocurrency industry (including BlockTower and CoinList), and institutional investors (including Rockefeller Capital Management and Citi). A recording of the conference is available here.

City Ventures Stock Start Engine Summit Nice Actimize
Email info@buildingblockgroup.com to get in touch with us regarding
  • Investment and advisory opportunities
  • Partnerships
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Media Inquiries